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Well Pleased Customer

"Troy Ogan -----email

Hello Don, I received the title today and the Cadillac has its Iowa license plates. I tuned up the motor and the 472 really runs strong. The transmission shifts perfectly. It is a very mechanically sound car. I'll now focus on the electrical. I told you before I've been looking for a '71 or '72 Cadillac for a fair price, for a good three years and this one far exceeds my expectations. It goes to show that if you keep looking you'll find a good bargain, and I did. The car was well worth the money and Dave did an excellent job of getting it to me safely. I would like to take the time to tell you that you run a very good business. Your descriptions and pictures of your vehicles is excellent. This Cadillac is in much better condition than I thought it would be before I seen it in person. You are the most honest used car salesman I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Keep up the great work. I know that if any one I know is looking for a classic car to restore I will definitely point them in your direction. I am very happy with my purchase and as I was driving the Cadillac around town tonight I received compliments on how good the body was for the year of the car. I also get a kick out of how it sounds. It has got to be the loudest Caddy in the world. Thank you for helping me find the right car that I have been looking for for quite a while. Thank you a million. Troy

James Thevenot from Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada wrote

Hi Don, It is sunday at 1:00 in the afternoon. I just got up from sleeping. Roger and I arrived home late last night at 2:30 am. - temp. was -6 celcius (night before was -14) Made it all the way to Grand Forks - had to store the car until Monday afternoon (the 72 hour thing). We could only drive 50 - 60 mph - it was probably Rogers and my longest hours driving in our lives. White knuckling all the way. When we got to Grand Forks it had snowed lightly and the Cad. would push the Jeep. Wow! that was something else. I would like to say again to you - Thank you very much for all your help. It was a pleasure meeting and doing business with you. If you ever happen to be up North (our way) you are more than welcome to stop in. This is our website that describes our farm and what we do.

This is the 1959 Cadillac Hearse he bought from us. James and his friend Roger tow this hearse all the back way to Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada on a car dolly pulling it with a Jeep Cheokee.

Is this dedication or what?

Good Luck James

d & g auto

This E-mail is from our Friend Chris in Florida. He is
talking about the hearse in the picture above.

Hey don, whats up? This is Chris from Florida. I bought the 63 cadillac hearse from you. Just thought I would drop you a line on how things are going with the restoration. As of now this beauty has the following new things: floor pans, door moldings, starter, carburator, master cylinder, water pump and drivers side window. things that are soon to come for the car are: spark plugs & wires, battery, weather strips, rear laminate, carpet, tires and paint. not sure if I'm going to put vinyl over the white section as of yet. The car has been in 2 different shops so far, and I've had many offers for the car since its been in the shops. I heard the car run and it sounded niiiiiiiiice!!! It sounded like my lebaron, and that car has a 6 cylinder!!! I'll send you pics as the work gets completed. thanx again for selling me a sweet ride. hope all is good with you. ttyl ~ chris

Another well pleased customer, Daniel Crow

Truck got here yesterday. I stopped and gave it a quick once over on my way to work yesterday evening. It is everything I hoped and expected it would be. Guy transporting it said he had three people try and buy it. Thanks again for everything. Daniel


Here's a picture of a $100,000.00 Classic Car that Gary and Bill Jr. saw on a parking lot in Cedar Rapids, Ia.

"1969 Yenko Camaro"


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